12 Things To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing:

1. Search Nearby - Look around/under your and your neighbors' homes - under porches, bushes, sheds, garages, etc. Cats often hide nearby to where they were lost. Many times animals that escape are too scared to get very far away.

2. Ask Around - Ask neighbors if they’ve seen your lost pet and to contact you with any information

3. Post Flyers - Put up lots of flyers with brightly colored paper in the area – on poles, at coffee shops, pet stores, groomers, veterinarians, etc. If your pet has been missing for a while, expand the area for posting up flyers. Pets have been found several miles away from where they were lost. Make sure your flyer includes a contact phone number and picture of your pet.

4. Animal Services - Contact City Animal Services to file a lost pet report and visit the City Animal Services to see if your pet has been brought in by someone or Animal Control. It is recommended to do an in-person visit and check for your pet every 4 days. Ask to see pets in isolation.

6. Online Shelters - Make a wider online search of shelters, up to 50 miles radius. Sometimes people or County Animal Services will pick up dogs and take them to the shelter closest to them, which may not be the shelter closest to where the dog was lost.

7. Local Listings - Check your local newspaper and Craigslist for found animal listings. Post a free ad on Craigslist and consider paying for a lost ad in the newspaper for your lost pet. 

8. Local Lost and Found - Consider joining a Lost and Found Pets group on Facebook to post details about your lost pet.

9. Veterinarian - Call your veterinarian and make a lost report. Ask local vets if anyone has brought in an animal fitting the description.

10. Microchip Company - If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company and file a lost report. They may put a “lost” alert on the chip, so anyone scanning it will know the pet is lost. Make sure your contact information is up to date. 

11. Lure your pet with Scent - Place your pet's bedding, a piece of your unwashed clothing, a bowl of water (no food), and some litter (for your cat) in your front /backyard. Your pet may pick up the familiar scent and find their way back home. 

12. DO NOT give up! Many pets are found weeks or even months after disappearing! 

Wishing you and your pet, a safe and warm holiday season.


Thanks to the BUTT Humane Society and SFV Lost and Found Pets, for the amazingly valuable information.