Puppy Mills

• Awareness about the puppy mill issue can be shared in a positive, peaceful and non-confrontational manner.
• Puppy mills are the source of the overpopulation and euthanization crisis in America today.
• Puppy mills are responsible for at least 75% of dogs currently living in shelters and rescues.
• Current canine welfare laws are not adequate enough to protect the breeding dogs living in puppy mills.
• Responsible, reputable breeders should be considered as an alternative for someone who absolutely wishes to purchase a puppy instead of adopting.
• Pet stores should sell pet supplies and offer rescue dogs for adoption.
• The purpose of a pet store protest is to create awareness about the pet store/puppy mill connection.
• Purchasing dogs at auctions support the puppy mill industry.
• The puppy mill crisis is not the result of the actions of any one ethnic or cultural group.



Courtesy Harley's Dream