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Company Governance

As an "A+H shares" listed company, Ganfeng Lithium has always strictly observed relevant regulations such as the Company Law, Securities Law, Listed Company Governance Guidelines, Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules, Guidelines for Standardized Operation of Listed Companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Listing Rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 2019, the Company revised its Articles of Association in accordance with the latest requirements of regulatory authorities and the actual situation of the company. Through continuous improvement of an effective corporate governance structure, the company has refined its corporate governance to protect the interests of shareholders and investors to the greatest extent.
The company attaches great importance to the diversity of the board of directors by actively unleashing the advantages of female managers and optimising its governance and management structure. The company's board of directors includes 4 internal directors and 6 external directors, of whom 6 are males and 4 females. The company's senior management consists of 6 males and 3 females.

Message from the Chairman

Dear shareholders,

In 2019, the lithium industry has undergone a number of changes. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the field of lithium batteries. The price of lithium salts continued to fall. Policies for the new energy vehicles have been adjusted and global automotive electrification was accelerated. Facing opportunities and challenges, the Company, underpinned by the concept of “using limited resources to create unlimited value”, spared no effort to promote management upgrades, global layout, technological innovation, and sustainable development, leaving behind a solid footprint in every direction.

Outstanding results of core business
In 2019, our overseas market share of lithium hydroxide has been further increased, and our products have been well received by international high-end customers such as LGChem, Tesla, and Samsung. This honour did not come easily. Thanks to our unremitting efforts in the past three years, our lithium hydroxide products have gained a good reputation worldwide from scratch. It was the result of the joint efforts of engineering designers, the production technology management team of 10,000-ton lithium salt factory, and the international marketing team..

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Improving Corporate Governance

The company maintains close communication with shareholders to timely understand their expectations and requirements of the company and guarantee the legitimacy and effectiveness of its decisions. In addition, we value the return on investment of shareholders. Since the A-share listing in 2010, the company has provided cash dividends steadily to shareholders for nine consecutive years.
The shareholders' meetings held by the company all adopted online voting and the votes of small and medium investors were counted separately to maximise their participation in decision-making. The company listened carefully to the voices and suggestions of small and medium investors and adopted reasonable ones after measured demonstration to guarantee the interests of small and medium investors. The company strictly observes and implements the information disclosure management regulations of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange; and fulfils its information disclosure obligations to ensure truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and fairness such that there is no selective disclosure. We also proactively accept supervision by the market and society to protect investors' right to know.
In 2019, the company further refined its management structure and set up teams responsible for A-share and H-share information disclosure and investor relationship management. The clear division of labour and coordination enabled investors to fully understand the company's development status and improved communication efficiency.
In 2019, the company disclosed the 2018 annual report, the 2018 sustainable development report, the 2019 interim report, 102 listingrelated temporary announcements and 132 domestic regulatory announcements. There were no clarification announcements and our information disclosure on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was rated "good" in the assessment. The company has established regular and effective communication channels for domestic and foreign investors, including online interactive platforms, investor hotlines, regular email exchanges, online performance briefings and on-site exchange activities. In 2019, the company established "Investor Reception Day" as an event on regular basis, held an investor strategy meeting to communicate the company's operating performance, discuss major changes in industry policies and progress of material issues and upgraded its official website using new media and WeChat Subscription to update the company's dynamics in a timely manner.
In 2019, the company conducted six on-site investor exchange activities and one online Collective Investor Reception Day event; communicated with investors more than 200 times by phone and email; received more than 300 institutional investor and analyst representatives; and responded to a total of 180 questions from investors through the interactive platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange enabling investors to understand the company thoroughly.

Reinforcing risk management and control

The company continuously bolsters its risk management system by carrying out risk management competitiveness evaluation on a regular basis. In 2019, based on the IATF 16949 system, the company carried out a management review to comprehensively and effectively identify the risk points existing in the company. Internal and external factors and needs of stakeholders were reviewed in order to reasonably avoid potential risks and strengthen the company's risk management. The management review required the addition of such contents as environmental factors and hazard sources identification, departmental knowledge collection and management, departmental risk identification and management, etc. into the range of responsibilities of all department heads to ensure the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of risk management.
The company used Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis to identify and evaluate each risk point, creating the risk identification and evaluation control form for internal and external factors and the risk identification and evaluation control form for related parties' demands and expectations. These forms are used to guide and coordinate the implementation of risk management objectives and the response to risks at all levels. We also unified risk evaluation standards to fortify the company's overall risk management.

Anti-Corruption and Pro-Integrity

Integrity and self-discipline are the consistent corporate tenets of Ganfeng Lithium. The company has continuously improved the mechanism for supervising and reporting corruption, including an audit department established to formulate regulations and a disciplinary inspection and supervision team to investigate and handle reported cases. Adhering to the attitude of zero tolerance for corruption, the company has continuously optimised anti-corruption work. In 2019, the company strictly implemented the anti-corruption and anti-bribery control procedures in accordance with relevant national policies, laws, rules and regulations, requiring employees in important positions, all customers, suppliers and contractors with whom the company has business dealings to sign the Letter of Commitment to Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption. This also helped to comprehensively strengthen anti-corruption management and control at all levels. The company formulated the antifraud and whistle-blowing system to clarify the anti-fraud responsibilities and the investigation procedures. We unblocked all reporting channels including whistle-blowing hotlines and email addresses posted on official websites, office areas, and whistleblowing mailboxes, while taking protective measures for whistle-blowers. The company regularly conducts anti-corruption training and champions the integrity of all employees by various means such as theme publicity and warning education. In 2019, the company successively conducted seven themed trainings on anti-corruption, anti-bribery and commercial safety, covering all employees with an attendance rate of 100% to solidify employees' ideological defence.

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