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Social responsibility
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Social Responsibility
Enterprises actively assume social responsibility. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we purchase support materials from overseas and domestic; in daily operations, we provide employment positions for poverty-stricken areas, improve education capabilities, purchase poverty alleviation products, and donate.
Included in the national list of key protection enterprises for epidemic prevention and control
During the 2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Xinyu Ganfeng Electronics Co., Ltd.,...
Respond quickly to the epidemic, donate medical supplies such as disinfectant
In January 2020, Ganfeng Lithium used its industrial advantages to quickly deploy and purc...
Procurement of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas to respond to consumption poverty alleviation policies
In the daily operation of the company and the selection of gifts for the annual meeting, p...
Donate to music classes to make up for the shortcomings of quality education
In 2019, Chairman Li Liangbin made a donation to the Jiangxi Democratic National Construct...
Donate money and materials to poverty-stricken areas while promoting employment and poverty alleviation
Companies regularly donate rice, oil and other basic daily necessities to poverty-stricken...

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