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Technological innovation
Deeply cultivated in the lithium industry for 20 years, with technology as the foundation and innovation as the driving force
Build a scientific research platform

The Company has developed an?industry leading lithium chemical and lithium battery research platform covering?tens?of thousands of square meters of laboratories. The Companies facilities include: an inorganic lithium compound research laboratory;?an organic lithium synthesis research laboratory;?a lithium battery materials research laboratory; a?metal lithium smelting research laboratory; a?lithium series alloy research laboratory; a power and energy storage battery research laboratory; a?lithium battery recycling research laboratory which is equipped with more than 1,600 sets of R&D and analysis equipment such as glove box, scanning electron microscope (SEM), X-ray diffractometer (XRD), gas mass spectrometry (GC-MS), etc., providing a solid backing for technological innovation.

The Company was approved to establish the National Enterprise Technology Center, the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, the Jiangxi Province Key Industry Innovation Platform, the Jiangxi Province Lithium Battery New Material Engineering Technology Research Center, the Jiangxi Province Key Laboratory, and the Jiangxi Province Industrial Design Center. The Company is focused on continuous improvement of its technology and products through rigorous scientific and technological research and development.

National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center
Jiangxi Province Lithium Battery New Material Engineering Technology Research Center
Jiangxi Province Key Laboratory of New Materials and Application of Lithium Battery
Jiangxi Industrial Design Center
Improve the innovation system
Innovation mechanism
The Company has established a three-tiered technological innovation system oriented to production, market and frontiers, in order to realize the “generation of research and development, the generation of reserves, and the generation of listing” to ensure a leading position for the enterprise in the technology industry
Talent training system
The Company has established the Ganfeng Business School to encourage the "teaching of masters and apprentices" and open up the three channels of title, rank and management to provide a platform for growth and development of various talents.
The innovation ability evaluation is embedded in the performance appraisal and salary adjustment mechanism, combined with project appraisal, year-end awards and other measures. Through the implementation of equity incentives, career incentives and remuneration incentives, we will stabilize core technical personnel and attract technical experts.
Scientific research management system
Formulate "R&D Project Management Regulations", "Technical Transformation Project Management Regulations", "Scientific Research Fund Management Regulations", "Intellectual Property Management Regulations", "Talent Incentive and Training Management Regulations" and other systems to standardize enterprise technology innovation management.
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